Tuesday, October 6, 2009

who needs a key chain?

So after yesterdays 140 character rant about people shoving their
business done twitter followers throats, I thought hey, I have NEVER
sent out a Tweet about my Biz or even mentioned I do freelance video
Well rest assured I am NOT going to start today!
I figure if you want to know more about me you can click on my web
site in my twitter profile. But after doing some spring, I mean autumn
cleaning, I came across a box of keychains that I purchased a year ago
for promotion. Well after handing out about ten I lost interest and
forgot about them until today!

(get to the point JD)

So I am giving away what is left, I have no idea how many are in there
but I am getting rid of all of em!
I DO NOT want to use this as a "get more Followers" scheme.
I want to give them to MY followers that would simply like a crappy,
orange keychain that has a light, whistle and cheap compass on it! Oh
yea and the word earthXplorer!
I can't imagine who would not want one, LOL ;)

So if you want a crappy keychain just tweet me
@earthXplorer I want a #crappykeychain

Depending on the demand for crappy keychains now days, I will randomly
pick the winners and DM you.

So what's the catch?
1. You have to live in the US or Canada, I am sending these out on my
dime, so I need to keep it close to home.
If you live outside of that realm and you are desperate for one (you
might need therapy) we could work something out.
2. This will go on as long as those crappy things are in the box, when
they are gone, they're gone!
3. You have to be cool with giving a mailing address, (I don't want it
for anything besides your crappy keychain) there are a million scams
on the web and I too am weary about giving out that kind of info but
if you have a PO box or a work address etc.use that. If you don't feel
comfortable about it, don't do it! Always keep your personal info.

If I didn't scare you and you want a crappy keychain - Tweet -
@earthXplorer I want a #crappykeychain


oh yea, each one is individually wrapped, for your protection ;)


If you or someone you know needs any video work, creative, shooting,
editing etc. you can get my info from my twitter profile


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