Wednesday, October 28, 2015

30 Beautiful Galapagos Photos

JDAndrews Galapagos-11.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-25.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-29.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-27.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-30.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-26.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-24.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-20.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-3.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-23.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-21.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-19.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-14.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-22.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-18.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-17.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-15.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-13.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-12.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-6.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-28.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-10.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-9.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-16.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-8.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-7.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-5.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-4.jpg
JDAndrews Galapagos-2.jpg

All slide-show photos were taken with my GalaxyS6 with Gorilla Glass 4

Two things can happen when you tell someone "I'm going to the Galapagos"...

1. "Cool! I have been and it's amazing, you will love it!" OR

2. "Cool! I have always wanted to go there, it's on my bucket list!"

If someone has ever said anything less than flattering about the little islands off of the coast of Ecuador, I haven't heard it.

I wanted to share a few photos of a couple of the islands I visited with IEtravel - I hope you like them.

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