Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Final Cut Server released

Final Cut Server released

1AC8331D-1453-49DF-B7EA-C5434544050E.jpgAfter countless delays and the cancellation of Apple's booth at NAB 2008 (which starts next week), many of us assumed Final Cut Server would never materialize. However, today's store-closing Tuesday update changed all of that, and the product is out and available immediately. It's nearly a year late (it was announced at NAB 2007), but we'll take it!

Apple's press release describes Final Cut Server as, "a scaleable server application...allows searching across multiple disks and SAN volumes and enables viewing, annotation and approval of content from anywhere using a PC or Mac(R)."

The cross-platform nature of the client software is a huge win for production houses that are not fully Mac-ified. Even if your whole production suite is Mac, being able to login from a PC to search media clips or access media from a PC in your Final Cut workflow has great potential.

Read on for the rundown of the specs and system requirements for the server and client software.

(Via (TUAW).)

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