Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm no Blogger!

I'm no Blogger!!!

 Don't get me wrong, I love blogs and the people that have cool ones, I just wont be one of those..

 What I am TRYING to say is - I am not a great writer, I am a visual guy!

 I love to post pics and videos etc.

 I would LOVE to be a great writer and travel the world and send in my witty pieces about crepes in Paris to magazines that pay me big $….but….

 So I guess what I am trying to say (not very well) is that I want to start blogging, you know with words…but I am so worried about spealling and grammar (that was on purpose by the way ) that I have put this particular post off for months but today was the day, I am putting it out there, my thoughts and ideas - into words. Yea!?!

 Having a short attention span, look pretty…..sorry, I don't read l o n g posts, e-mails or even books, I know, I know…..

 So I will not be writing l o n g posts either, maybe that's why I love Twitter so much, short, to the point and who cares if U can Spell, just shrtn evrytng :)

 For you 2 people that got all the way to here without falling asleep.....I thank you!


 ps, please don't subscribe...two words BOR ING ;)

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Wanderlust Woman said...

Much good luck with your blogging efforts. Someone who is so visual can say a lot with one photo. Check my friend Tammie's photo blog:

Solo Road Trip

She's an amazing photographer and speaks through pics.....so can you.

Melody said...

Wanderlust Woman is right - there are many ways to speak. If photography is your gift, talk to us that way! I, for one, am never offended if I arrive at a blog and see a captivating photo...