Thursday, September 10, 2009

"If we all liked the same thing, everyone would want your grandma" ~my Grandpa

"If we all liked the same thing, everyone would want your grandma" ~my Grandpa

Why oh why would someone Un-Follow me???

I am one of those people that love meeting new friends and sharing info and ideas! That's why Twitter is a great fit for me.
I have many different interests and love to learn new things.
As with any "relationship" you can agree or disagree with your friends and then you have a choice, to agree to disagree or move on without that friendship.
Twitter is no different. I follow people that have different views and opinions than I do, I think it's important to be open to other ideas. If I only followed people that had my view, how would I grow?

So when people disagree with me or don't like that I post Apple news, to many baby pictures, too many positive Quotes, etc. - I understand, I do! I don't take it personally or get upset, I just remember what my Grandfather use to tell me -  "If we all liked the same thing, everyone would want your grandma" - which translates easily to "you can't please everyone" 

I found this interesting view on this (on-line):

You Can't Please Everyone


You may be generally an amiable and pleasant person. You may generally get along well with most people. But somehow, there is that one family member, that one friend, that one colleague, who doesn't take to you very well.

This might disappoint you, sadden you, or even disillusion you. Don't allow it to.

Every single person is unique. Every single relationship is different. Somewhere, somehow, there will be people who don't quite get along.

If you allow yourself to adjust your personal values, to change the person that you are, just to win over that one person or few people, you run the risk of adversely affecting the good relationships you do have.

Be positive. Focus on your happy relationships. At the same time, accept that there will be ones that don't go so well. Whatever you say or do, whoever you are, whatever character or personality you have, you won't be able to please everyone.

Enjoy the friends that you keep and don't worry about the ones that move on.
Have a great day and ROCK IT!

JD  :)

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