Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Companies on Twitter ~ are they hurting or helping business? #MyBlogStory

Companies on Twitter ~ are they hurting or helping business?

Some companies get it, good products, good marketing, good customer service, etc.

Some don't.

Some companies "get" Social media. They create Facebook Fan (Like) pages, start a twitter account and a way they go ---
But the question is WHO is the voice of that company? Who is posting, responding and interacting with the consumer?
It seems a lot of companies that don't understand social media, especially twitter, get a "younger" person in the staff to look after the accounts. In some cases I am sure this works out well and the company looks and sounds great in the social world.
It's great for customer service to help out, get feedback and come up with new ideas….

(Cue the scary Music)
But what happens when it doesn't?

The backstory:

I love crocs, yep those big, ugly, rubber shoes that make your feet look like Mickey Mouse. (My wife hate when I wear them) So of course I started following @crocs on Twitter, they followed back and I was happy to support a cool home town company (Boulder, Colorado).
I even sent a few messages about my recent purchase ~  3 new pairs of squish, bright colored, foot goodness coming my way.
I never expected a response, companies are busy and I can appreciate that but what I wasn't ready for was……….the UNFOLLOW….(More Scary Music)

What…..Where…..Why…….When……..HUH? Unfollowed, what happened @crocs? Did I post too many Apple tweets, did you follow a bunch of people to get followers and then dump em, do I just tweet too damn much (which I do) OR is the person in charge of your account not thinking about who (customers vs non-customers)  was getting unfollowed???

I am human, I was a little hurt and then mad. "Forget them, I will NEVER buy any more Crocs…..EVER!" 

This happened a few months ago and I'm over it now Crocs, no hard feelings.

 I went back and fourth about even writing about it BUT this is what it's all about, communication.

SO my question to you:

Are you influenced, good or bad, by companies on social media?

If you have your own story, I would love to hear it.

Thanks for listening (reading) :)


p.s. I still like crocs ;)

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